Hard Style Shovel

This show - bike combines vintage elements and
modern design according to Hard style choppers.

Needed was arangement of backside frame
because of well-turning and comfortable sitting.

Springer axel forks, wired wheels and kick strat are
vintage well proven elements which are festive
solution with modern combination installed tanks and
exhaust gas admission.

In spite of serial engine Shovelhed 1700 manages
hight gears without problems is the machine hard
frame constructed for slow and comfortable ride too.

Like an every commission produce has this
motorbike a lot of special things which could be
difficult to find it in other motorbikes.

Is going for example about exhaustes made of stain
steel, hand made leather seat or used special plugs
with compressor for easier starting.

Year of produce: in the year 2006/2007

Development time: in 5 months

S&S type Shovel 1700 ccm
ignition S&S
exhaust stroke HS-Choppers

4 transmissions
primar transmissions BDL

Hard tail, Santee - arangement of backside

Fork: Springer


Manufacturing HS-Choppers: splash board, petrol and oil tank, exhaust stroke, seats


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